Salt Lake Valley

Day Two - Getting the Job

A day of high expectations with little resolution

Event Summary:

Cain wakes up just in time to head out to his interview. He makes it to the entrance of an estate far larger than he had expected, a good deal away from any major civilization, or even a main road. Cain is escorted to a sitting room, where he meets a wealthy broker named Isaac Watson. Isaac offers Cain a substantial amount of money, steady pay, and also an estate-side suite for a 3-week stint guarding his daughter. Cain accepts and signs a few papers to seal the deal. Afterwards, Cain is introduced to his new guardianship, a firey woman with a clear dislike for Cain and the whole situation. Cain is then shown to a room where he relaxes and tries to rest as best he can for an early start the next day.



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